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You have nothing to fear or worry about, just look unto Jesus, the author and the Finisher of your faith. Faith is the victory!!!



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I have always loved Jesus and gospel music right from when I was young.

I have always been in the choir and my love for gospel music kept me in the right part of life becoming more conscious everyday of God’s tangible presence. I was very much aware and convinced of this call upon my life and when it was time to launch out bigger and greater, I was ready, like I am ready!!! 


Every time your song is been played on the radio, i am so inspired and my heart leaps for joy. Thank you for who you are
Freya Sanz
i received my healing during one of your worship sessions. I am free of weakness. You are truly Gods instrument of worship
Mark Ficher
Mr. America
your videos are always exciting, transforming and rich with Godly content. I'm on top... Hallelujah
Diana Burnwood

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